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The Millennial Relationship with Travel

One has to be literally living under a rock to not note the rise in the globe-trotting trend. Millions of people allured by the so-called “Wanderlust” traveling from one country to another across the globe. Being a millennial myself, I can vouch for the fact that I am always on the lookout for the next new place to visit. The wish list of must-have experiences and must-visit places is never-ending. We millennials are true to the word “birds of passage”, transient at best.

1. Travel broadens one’s horizons

Immersing oneself in an all-new culture brings about an understanding that no other method of teaching can boast about. It is much bigger than being tolerant of your neighborhood country’s citizens. It is a knowledge that comes after one has visited their homeland, tasted their cuisine, experienced their hospitality and are aware (superficially if not in depth) of their culture, traditions, and values. Unlike tolerance which mainly stems from ignorance, understanding comes from knowledge. This understanding goes a long way not just for tourism but for almost any association between such neighboring countries.

2. Travel is liberating

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash

3. Breaks the monotony

This has to be one of the biggest allures of traveling. Humans are petrified of falling into a routine. The monotony of day in and day out tasks become too much to handle and slowly we can feel the dust settling in our brains. Travel changes that the instantly. It helps miraculously just to break the monotony of day to day life to immerse yourself into something you haven’t done before. It could be traveling to a new country, learning a new sport, a new language, a random adventure. It rejuvenates you and makes you feel alive, much more alive than any of your usual day back at home.

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