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If you have lived outside of home long enough in India, and are surrounded by folks also away from home, it is but obvious that you would have sat through a conversation on whose hometown is better. The longest and the most arduous one I have had to sit through will have to be the most discussed among them all. The one with ardent supporters for each side; chewing the same cud over and over again — The “Mumbai v/s Delhi” debate.

So then, what makes home “HOME”?

Home is never the city but the sense of comfort it brings with it. It is the people and the feelings associated with all the places. Home is where the family resides. Home is where everything is the way you want it to be (at least most of it 😊). Home is everything comfortable. Home is secure and no hassles. It is a respite, a solace, a refuge, a safe house.

The comfort of Home (Source: Pexels)


The Journey is the what makes it memorable (Source:

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