As a teenager, I remember just how turning 25 felt like a milestone year. Something that felt so far ahead in the future that you could not even visualize being that old. I remember making plans on things I wanted to do before turning 25, even when I was almost 22 and graduating from XL. It still felt far fetched then. Little did I know that three and a half years would go by before I could blink.

A lot of things I planned for worked out that way, several things did not. A lot more that I never ever anticipated came my way too. I have never regretted anything in my life and I strongly believe that every experience in my life was necessary to bring me where I am right here, right now. But if I had a chance to talk to my younger self, I would probably tell her this

“ Turning 25, people often joke about how a quarter of your life has just gone by and I’m sure you must be wondering how you don’t even remember where you ended up spending that quarter of your life. Be rest assured that it is going fine at whatever the pace it is.

You have the urge to make everything perfect. You run around all day, worry all night trying to make things just perfect. But you eventually get to a point where you realize perfectionism is overrated. And the peace of mind, thoroughly underrated. Life is too long a journey to be judged on actions taken every moment. So step back, make mistakes, learn, improve, grow. Don’t berate yourself for the smallest of things, rather get the big ones right. The smaller ones most often fall in place or are forgotten in the bigger scheme of life.

On that note, also remember to stop taking things so seriously. Sure circumstances seem critical in the moment, overwhelming even. But over time most situations often pass as the passing clouds.

The corporate world might seem big, scary, and often unforgiving. It might take a lot of involvement from you but remember your priorities. It is very easy to lose yourself at work chasing big money and titles on paper and forget the things that actually matter. Remember to take care of yourself, spend time with your loved ones, have a life outside of work. Pursue that random blog you write every once in a while, relax a little.

As the saying goes “It is not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years”

Life is a marathon and not a sprint that you can get over with. Be patient with every cycle of ups and downs. There could be hiccups on the health front, doctors who tell you you can never go back to doing certain things. But you are a fighter, you will get back in shape irrespective of what they tell you. But, keep in mind just how fragile the body is, and give it nourishing food and time and pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you.

You would often find yourself at crossroads, where either direction may seem right and the conundrum could drive you crazy. Remember that there is never really a right answer when it comes to life. Do what feels right by you and make it right. No one cares about the path you take to success, and you’re not answerable to the world when it comes to important decisions. But it’s important for you, so choose wisely and stick to it.

From time to time you might feel your decisions are more intuitive than rational. Go with the flow. Don't dismiss those instincts right away. They are more often right, surfacing from a subconscious level you may or may not be aware of at all times. Give those instincts a fair hearing and decide what to do.

Betrayal is part of life too. Often comes from close quarters, where you least expect it. It hurts, yes. But, accept it and learn from it. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. So take it in your stride, shrug them off, and move forward.

Lastly, even in the darkest days remember not to lose hope. Tomorrow is a brand new day, and with every rising sun comes bright prospects. Don’t ever be afraid to take that leap of faith because you are not sure if you will land anywhere better.

As they say, the darkest hour is just before dawn.”

Writer, Podcaster, Marketer, and Dreamer. Passionate about the written word, life, and travel.

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